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On a free weekend, Mihono and her best friend decided to go on a trip to a mountain resort with the hope of relieving stress after a series of tiring working days and at the same time this is also a good time to help their friendship. There is a closer bond between the two people. But all of that is only on the outside, deep inside is a plan, a plan that has been carefully prepared for a long time, but only now have they had the opportunity to implement it - a plan filled with bawdry. Just arriving here early in the morning, they played a very strange game: testing how long their friend's physical and mental endurance could last by attaching a tiny sextoy to her private area and then walking around the area. The resort is very large. Next, they invited each other to play sexual games in many positions in this area, in cars, rooms and even in the swimming pool, all of which the two of them tested with joy and satisfaction. What a lewd couple.

CRB-080918-001 Traveling with my best friend

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 Quick Link: xem7.viet69.online/1574  xem7.viet69.online/code/CRB-080918-001 

 Movie Code: CRB-080918-001 

 Actor: Mihono 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies XNXX SEXTOP1 

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