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The film tells about the sexual encounters with patients of two lustful dentists Koizumi and Shiin. The common point between the two is that they both have easy-going, comfortable personalities and most importantly, are addicted to sex. That's why everyone who comes here for medical examination is fascinated by the girls and makes them easily fall into their trap. The love that both of them have already established. The two male patients, too, felt toothache, so they both went to the place where the girls worked for examination. Here, the girls performed sexy actions and successfully seduced the two of them. Not stopping there, the next patients are also impatiently waiting for their turn to be "treated".

TOKYOHOT-N0889 Inviting an easy going dentist

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 Quick Link: xem7.viet69.online/1499  xem7.viet69.online/code/TOKYOHOT-N0889 

 Movie Code: TOKYOHOT-N0889 

 Actor: Mitsuka Koizumi 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies VLXX 

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