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Sam Shock

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It's a real shame that Sam Shock lacks so much self-esteem. The self-proclaimed "Perfect Body" is jacked to the gills and has a massive cock to boot, so it's no wonder he's so shy. Okay, so maybe his nickname is Son of Zeus, he is known as the God of Fucking, and he has every right to show off his perfectly chiseled abs on social media, but try to remember he's a bashful lad who...who are we kidding? Sam Shock is larger than life from head to cock to toe, fucks the naughtiest pussies and asses the world has to offer, and is arguably the best looking male talent in the industry. Sam Shock doesn't need to be humble. Sam Shock doesn't even need to talk the talk: the man walks the walk, and destroys with his cock! Check out this Lightning Legend in the videos below!

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